The 10 essential answers your kite organisation should give you
1. Are your instructors all certified? - yes
2. How often do you check your equipment? - before and after every lesson
3. Are you a member of the national association Kiteboarding Australia? - no
4. Can I help myself to your emergency box on the beach? yes of course
5. When and where is it safe to kite surf? - let me show you our risk procedures
6. If I am not satisfied will you give my money back? - yes , please tell us why?
7. Do you help disadvantaged people and, as a local, do i get a discount? - yes
8. Do you give 10% of your profits to charity? - yes, "becausewecan"
9. If I am slow to learn, do I have to pay extra? - no, we are very patient
10. Will I have fun? - eh - yeeeesss!!

thank you, we will revert within 24 hrs

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